HYNAVAL is a company of the CLYD and HDF Energy groups.

Established in Bordeaux since 2010, the CLYD group is a pioneer and expert in naval architecture, engineering and yacht retrofitting.

HYNAVAL, located within the Bordeaux port area, will have a dedicated facility for its activities. On this site, HYNAVAL will operate a shipyard specializing in the design, manufacture, and retrofit of hydrogen-powered boats, providing an emissions-free alternative. This collaboration will merge CLYD’s naval architecture expertise with HDF Energy’s mastery in the hydrogen domain. HYNAVAL combines the skills of HDF Energy, with its expertise in the field of hydrogen, and the CLYD Group, a forerunner and expert in naval engineering and yacht retrofitting. HYNAVAL represents the solution for the energy transition, at the heart of the interests of all mobility players.

With ten years of experience across the hydrogen value chain, HDF Energy will leverage its know-how in hydrogen infrastructure development.

By combining their strengths, HDF Energy and CLYD are contributing to the ecological transition of the maritime and river sectors.

CLYD Groupe

Exequiel Cano Lanza : HYDROGEN AT THE (H2)EART

Exequiel Cano Lanza
A naval architect who graduated from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, Exequiel Cano Lanza headed up the research and design department at the Chantier Naval Couach (CNC) shipyard, before managing the ‘draft project’ department for the cruising sector and military markets in 2003. He is the man behind the development of a range of Yachts, Super Yachts and military vessels.

In 2010, he founded CLYD, a company specializing in naval architecture and engineering, as well as developing a fresh range of yachts.
2020 heralds the start of his partnership with the Port of Bordeaux to develop the Gironde region’s capacity to welcome yachts and superyachts, and to introduce hydrogen retrofitting in the marine industry.

In 2017, the CLYD REFIT business was created offering refit services, modifications, restyling and main contractor services in collaboration with the Mediterranean shipyards, whilst continuing to create new yacht models.

2020 heralds the start of its partnership with the MAJOR SEAPORT OF BORDEAUX for the development in the Gironde of a space for accommodating Yachts and Superyachts, as well as the implementation of a hydrogen retrofit in the marine industry.

Exequiel Cano Lanza is a member of France’s National Commission for Boating Safety (CNSNP) and Knight of the Order of Maritime Merit.